Managed Services

By providing various managed services we can assist to set up the different aspects of your cyber security. You will benefit from resilient business operation provided by experienced security personnel using latest technologies and tools without the full CAPEX investment.

As part of our managed services, we offer:

CSMS / ISMS and GRC Framework (Governance Risk and Compliance)
Create and maintain a security culture! With a CSMS and ISMS you demonstrate that you optimally manage the automation and security in your OT environment. Your policies are clear and followed by your workforce and contractors. Processes are managed, controlled and continuously improved to defend against disruption. We will set up the control system, draft the policies and standards and align the CSMS and ISMS with your input, industry standards and regulatory requirement. We will set up a continuous compliance monitoring system and help improve if the results fall short.

Continuous scanning and monitoring for threats and intrusions
Our scan technology gives you 100% visibility into all managed and unmanaged IoT and ICS devices, across both IT and OT. And because it’s agentless, it’s also scalable and easy to deploy. Some interesting usecases include: asset management, risk management, threat detection.

Management of your software security updates and patching
We can manage the service agreements with your system integrators and suppliers to keep the security health of your assets at a maximum level.

Disaster recovery assessments and business continuity improvements
To prepare for cyber security incidents, we offer incident response/digital forensic readiness assessments. We assist in planning and setting up the appropriate tools and procedures required to effectively respond and investigate cyber security incidents. This includes provision of intrusion detection, event logging and backup & restore facilities.

Incident response teams
We provide an incident response team which will guide you during a cyber security incident to perform a swift and effective respond and to secure evidence at the same time. A digital forensic investigation needs to be carried out thoughtfully to avoid any irreversibly destroyed digital evidence. Forensic data and logs will be analyzed so countermeasures can be taken and to prevent future similar incidents.

Offensive security and penetration tests
Cyber security measures by themselves are insufficient in case your organization still has weak spots. Our offensive security services provide evidence about the effectiveness of your cyber security measures to ensure adequate resilience. We provide the following offensive (‘white-hat’) services to identify your vulnerabilities and help you to improve your resilience: red teaming, penetration testing, phishing attack simulations, social engineering and mystery guest.