Project Consultancy and Interim Management

Cyber resilience is a complex matter and requires professional and highly skilled personnel. Our OT cyber security experts can provide you with consultancy services to enhance your cyber resilience. Our consultancy services cover wide range of aspects such as setting up a cyber security management system, policies and procedures, compliance with standards and regulations, OT network design and incident investigations. These services are supported by a large group of IACS/SCADA process control engineers with vast knowledge and experience in OT design and implementation.

Our consultancy activities include the following support:

  • Advise on the EU NIS-directive and local regulations;
  • Assist on implementing of a security framework according industry standards such as IEC62443 and NIST-800-82;
  • Perform an industrial network vulnerability assessment using cutting-edge technology;
  • Advise on risk management and mitigations
  • Perform CSMS and ISMS maintenance;
  • Perform health checks and controls audits;
  • Review and improve the cyber resilience of your IACS architectural design;
  • Make sure your IIoT is implemented securely.

CSMS and ISMS (Security Framework)

With a CSMS and ISMS you demonstrate that you optimally manage the automation and security in your OT environment. Your policies are clear and followed by your workforce and contractors. Processes are managed, controlled and continuously improved to defend against disruption. We will set up the control system, draft the policies and standards and align the CSMS and ISMS with your input, industry standards and regulatory requirement.