Security Scans

Obtain visibility of all assets and connections in your OT network
Obsolete software, firmware and equipment, unprotected remote connections as well as incorrectly configured firewalls are used by threat actors to carry on cyber attacks. A large proportion are unaware of hidden (internet) connectivity paths to their Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) that may serve as secret backdoors for hackers.

Our scan leverages on unique technology that passively scans the OT network where will likely discover unmanaged assets and network traffic which we can then assess. Because you will get a complete overview of all assets in the network, this scan is a great way to start setting up your asset inventory. You can import the output of the scan into your asset repository to better manage the lifecycle and maintenance of assets.

Besides the asset inventory you will get a complete overview of all vulnerabilities with advice on mitigation.

The security scan is available as one-time, period or continuous.

Network Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
For additional context to the security scan we will investigate processes, procedures, standards, network architecture and other cyber security aspects. We will assess the threats and vulnerabilities against your security controls which will provide you with insight in your current security posture and be a perfect input to kick-off your security improvement program.