Security Awareness

Training sessions and workshops

We provide customized awareness training programs for different audiences. The training sessions are practical, adjusted to your local environment and needs and can be closed off with a knowledge test to support the awareness compliance requirement.


  • OT supporting and operational staff – Focused training and awareness to ensure that employees better understand today’s emerging cyber threats on the IACS, which can cause production continuity; loss or damage of assets; fatalities or injuries and environmental damage. Using simple guidelines for personal behaviour, employees will be trained on how to protect the IACS from cyber security breaches and attacks. The employees will become aware of the potential cyber security risks that are relevant to their duties.
  • OT/IT specialists and engineering departments – professional and customized training on IACS protection, cyber security policies and procedures, compliance with standards, incident readiness & response and business continuity. Cyber security incident simulation training.
  • Senior Management – strategic training and awareness of today’s business risks, regulations and standards related to cyber security threats. Cyber security incident simulation training with orchestrated scenarios of full-scale targeted cyber attack on the company.

IEC-62443 Implementation Workshop

IEC-62443 is a series of standards, technical reports, and related information that define procedures for implementing secure Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). We provide a training workshop to make you acquainted with the comprehensive IEC-62443 standard. In addition, the Cyber Resilience Team can help you implement those parts of the IEC-62443 standard which are applicable for your company.

Continuous training course

We are currently developing an OT security course to ensure that the workforce involved in supporting and operating industrial control systems is trained to keep the ICS/SCADA environment safe, secure, and resilient against cyber threats and changes to the IACS. New modules will be added to the platform to increase the awareness of your workforce.

Interactive crisis simulation exercise

A simulation exercise is a great way to create awareness for the (potential) impact of a cyber crisis. Explore crisis management leadership capabilities in case of a cyber crisis and experience the dynamics of a crisis. For the best results we will write a scenario that is appropriate for your business and your position in the supply chain.