Emerson presentatie Had a great day with colleagues from CR-Team and KH-Engineering at Emerson’s innovation day “Industry 4.0 in action”. They showcased some great developments and clearly develop their products with security in mind.

So, all good? Well between acquisition and actual implementation an awful lot can go wrong…

Make sure that shortcuts in architectural design and configuration and setup flaws don’t ruin your operations. We will be happy to advice about ISA99/IEC 62443, purdue and secure architecture principles. With our passive OT scan we can detect and remediate any vulnerabilities before the project goes live.

The International event ‘Cyber security for critical industries was on the 26th and 27th of March in Amsterdam. Interesting was the different approach in Europe for this matter. In these two days event people from different countries paid contributions to the presentations and discussions. The consultant of the Cyber Resilience Team was present and available for networking.

On the 29th of November 2018 our consultant Ewald Coenraad gave a awareness presentation about cyber security for Operational Technology (OT). Together with a speaker of DCMR, Ewald informed the members of Deltalinqs about the threats in the Industry and the relation with process safety. For more information about this presentation or how your company can be more resistant for cyber attacks? Please contact the Cyber Resilience Team via info@cr-team.eu.